Providing a full-service coffee machine solution to businesses in Western Australia.

Fully Automated Machines

Why use a fully automated machine?

a. No environmentally unfriendly pods. Freshly made coffee, from bean to cup.
b. Sleek design that can fit into almost any office without need for plumbing in.
c. Modern extraction for great taste, and speedy coffee when you need it!
d. State-of-the-art machines – allowing for adjustment of coffee strength, amount of coffee, milk and froth, while you make your selection. A perfect solution for office environments.
e. Use fresh milk in your coffee! We include a fully-functioning fridge in our package that has capacity for 2 x 2L milk bottles. Add froth to your coffee directly from the milk bottle in the fridge. The adjoining fridge offers an added advantage of allowing staff to switch between types of milk. This allows for drinkers of soy, lactose-free, coconut and almond milks the convenience of coffee at your fingertips too. Merlin Coffee can help to deliver UHT packets of alternative milk options if you only require a small number of packets each week.

Convenience at your fingertips.


Merlin Coffee is committed to find a style of bean to suit the majority of your workplace. For bigger businesses, a 2 machine plan will allow catering for a wider variety of tastes.
Our beans have been formulated to suit fully auto machines. We partner with local roasteries and offer bean blends from different regions.
In addition to beans, our machine settings are adjustable to cater for individual tastes.
Our state-of-the-art machines allow for adjustment of coffee strength, amount of coffee, milk and froth, while you make your selection. This caters for office environments very well. We can also cater and create specific blends to suit you.

Let us help you discover your preferred coffee blend.

Want to try our Merlin Signature Blend Coffee at home? Our exquisite blend can be purchased here:

Merlin Signature Blend

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Full Service Solution

We offer a full service solution for your office coffee, including:

a. No upfront cost for the machine and fridge.
b. Regular servicing included in our full service solution. Monthly, Fortnightly or Weekly, depending on coffee numbers. We pride ourselves on maintaining the coffee machine in a high standard of hygiene.
c. A next day replacement guarantee on breakdowns.
d. No servicing and repair costs ever.
e. Beans included in cost and delivered during scheduled service runs.
f. Milk line cleaning solution and hot chocolate powder included.

Cost-effectiveness for your company.