Merlin Coffee is dedicated to recycling the used coffee grounds collected from the machine in order to contribute to a sustainable future. We offer customers simple solutions for your used coffee grounds:
a. Bring it home and use it on your garden! Merlin’s coffee beans come in resealable bags, which can be re-used to store used grounds.
b. We can collect used coffee grounds from you. We recycle these grounds to grow succulents! Coffee grounds have been found to be a good fertilizer and we have received feedback from many backyard farmers in WA that the coffee grounds help to deter ants and fungal gnats. Follow us on Instagram to see how our succulents are doing!
c. Have an office planter box that needs some TLC? We can take care of this for you! Send us an enquiry and let’s find a solution that utilises used coffee grounds and our succulents for your planter box!
d. Did you know that a lot of the plastic you put in your recycling bins, end up in landfill? In order to contribute to a more circular economy, Merlin Coffee removes a certain number of milk bottles from businesses it services and transports them to Green Machines Lab. Green Machines Lab converts waste plastic into small fragments and on sells them to local manufacturers to be reused.

We care for the environment.


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Number of Plastic Bottles Recycled